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Bus processing machine distribution transformer refueling unscientific practice

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Bus processing machine distribution transformer refueling unscientific practice

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  • Time of issue:2012-08-30 00:00

  Bus processing machineWhen cleaning the centripetal spherical bearings of old motors or imported motors, the ball, ball frame and inner ring should be turned out laterally from the outer ring and then immersed in hot oil. When cleaning short cylindrical roller bearings, the roller, ball frame, inner ring and outer ring should also be removed. In hot oil cleaning, the oil temperature should not exceed 20℃. If the open fire is used for direct heating, attention should be paid to preventing the oil from burning. The bearing should be suspended in the oil pot and the bottom will cause overheating and reduce hardness. The general cleaning method soak the bearing in kerosene for 5-10 minutes, hold the inner ring with one hand and rotate the outer ring with the other hand, and the dry oil or antirust cream on the bearing will fall down. Detect the sound wave in the discharge, and convert the sound wave into electrical signal, recorded on tape for analysis, using the difference in the transmission time of electrical signal and sound signal, can get the distance from the detection point to the discharge point. Chemical measurement.

Detect the content of dissolved gases in oil and the law of increase and decrease. The test detects changes in composition, proportion and quantity of oil to determine partial discharge (or partial overheating). In addition, in recent years also developed partial discharge on-line detector, bus processing function in the transformer operation of automatic detection of partial discharge. In order to prevent the occurrence of partial discharge, the manufacturer should carry out reasonable structural design of the transformer; Careful construction, improve material purity, strict treatment of the quality of each link. Operation units should strengthen transformer maintenance and monitoring to effectively prevent partial discharge of transformer. Soft dry oil or antirust cream is heated to 100-200℃ on melting, it is easy to wash out from the gap in the bearing. Sometimes just shake the bearing in the oil many times. Oil can also run through the cracks. The output of pulse encoder is generally A and A, B and B two pairs of differential signals, which can be used for position and speed measurement. A and A, B and B square waves are introduced into PG card, and after direction discrimination and multiplication, they become measurement pulses representing displacement, which are introduced into PLC high-speed counting terminal for position control. This system uses the relative counting method for position measurement. Run programmatically before each signal, such as change speed point location, flat layer point location, such as parking brake point location of the pulse number, deposited in the corresponding memory cell, respectively, in the process of elevator running through the rotary encoder testing, software real-time computing the following signals: in the elevator floor location, change speed point location, flat layer point location.

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