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On-Line Diagnosis and Off-Line Diagnosis of CNC Machine Tool

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On-Line Diagnosis and Off-Line Diagnosis of CNC Machine Tool

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  1. Online diagnosis Online diagnosis refers to the control program of the numerical control system, when the system is in normal operation, the input/output of the numerical control device, PLC controller, servo system, PLC and other external devices connected to the numerical control device are automatically and in real time. The device performs automatic tests, inspections, and displays relevant status and fault information. In addition to displaying the alarm number and alarm content on the screen, the system also displays the status of the NC internal flag register and the PLC operating unit in real time, which provides great convenience for fault diagnosis. 2. Offline Diagnosis When the CNC system of the CNC machine tool fails or it is necessary to judge that there is a fault in the ancient world, it is often necessary to stop processing and stop for inspection, which is offline diagnosis. The day of off-line diagnosis is to repair the u system and fault location. Strive to locate the fault in the smallest possible range, such as narrowing down to a certain area or a certain module. The numerical control device in the drought period uses the diagnostic tape to carry out off-line diagnosis of the numerical control system. The diagnostic tape provides the data required for the diagnosis. When diagnosing, the content of the diagnostic tape is read into the RAM in the numerical control device, and the microprocessor in the system analyzes according to the corresponding output data to judge whether the system is faulty and determine the fault location. The recent numerical control system adopts the engineer panel , modified numerical control system or special test device for testing.



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