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Management of CNC machine tools

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Management of CNC machine tools

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  (1) Fixed point First, determine how many maintenance points a CNC machine tool has, analyze the equipment scientifically, and pinpoint the parts that may fail. As long as these maintenance points are "watched", faults will be found in time. (2) Calibration Standards should be formulated for each maintenance point one by one, such as clearance, temperature, pressure, flow, tightness, etc., there must be clear quantitative standards, as long as the specified standards are not exceeded, it is not a failure. (3) How often should the inspection be carried out regularly, and the inspection cycle should be determined. Some points may be checked several times per shift, and some points may be checked once or every few months. It should be determined according to the specific situation. (4) Determining items The items to be checked at each maintenance point should also be clearly defined. Each point may check one item or several items. (5) Determining the person who will perform the inspection, whether it is an operator, a maintenance person or a technician, should be assigned to the person according to the inspection site and technical accuracy requirements. (6) Statutory method There should also be regulations on how to check, whether it is manual observation or measurement with instruments, and whether to use ordinary instruments or precision instruments. (7) The environment and steps of inspection and inspection should be specified, whether it is inspection during production operation or shutdown inspection, and whether it is dismantling inspection or non-dismantling inspection. (8) Records and inspections should be recorded in detail and filled in clearly in the prescribed format. It is necessary to fill in the inspection data and the difference between it and the specified standard, the judgment impression, and the processing opinion. The inspector should sign and indicate the inspection time. (9) Disposal Those that can be processed and adjusted during the inspection shall be processed and adjusted in time, and the processing results shall be recorded in the processing records. Those who do not have the ability or conditions to deal with it should report to the relevant personnel in a timely manner and arrange for treatment. However, anyone and any time processing must fill in the processing record. (10) Analysis The inspection records and processing records should be systematically analyzed on a regular basis to identify weak "maintenance points", that is, points with high failure rates or links with large losses, put forward suggestions, and submit them to designers for improvement.


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