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How does a copper bar processor work

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How does a copper bar processor work

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Copper bar processing machine is composed of rack, punching unit, shear unit, bending unit, hydraulic station, electrical system and mold. The frame is made of square welded steel pipe with satisfactory strength and rigidity. Punching, shearing, folding and electrical appliances are installed on the frame, and the hydraulic station is placed inside the frame. In order to help you to the following small series for you to introduce the copper processing machine is how to work.

The operating principle of copper bar processing machine is as follows: motor (supply power to the pump)→ pump (high pressure hydraulic power)→ electromagnetic + relief valve (control one level of pressure)→ long-distance pressure regulating valve (conditioning secondary pressure)→ electromagnetic valve (pressure oil transfer to each cylinder)→ cylinder (cylinder action, complete punching, shearing, folding processing). The motor transfers power to the oil pump, which produces high-pressure oil. The high pressure hydraulic oil is sent to the electromagnetic relief valve through the one-way valve. The hydraulic fluid then flows (through the relief valve) back to the tank. When the solenoid liquid flow valve is closed, the top level force occurs, the long-distance pressure regulating valve reduces some pressure of the hydraulic oil, and then the oil is transported to the solenoid valve, the solenoid valve controls the direction of the hydraulic oil, so that the cylinder completes up and down or before and after the movement.

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