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How to use the bus processing machine will not be burned

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How to use the bus processing machine will not be burned

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  • Time of issue:2014-03-26 00:00

The first move: to make the bus processing machine motor hygiene. When the motor is in operation, if dust, water stains and other sundries enter its interior, it will form a short circuit medium, which can destroy the insulation layer of the wire, lead to short circuit between turns, increase in current, rise in temperature and burn and destroy the motor. Because of this, should avoid dust, water stains and other sundries into the motor inside, but also often to the external cleaning of the motor, do not let the heat dissipation bar of the motor dust and other sundries, to ensure that the heat dissipation of the motor is satisfactory.

The second trick: to carefully check, listen carefully, smell the odor immediately shut down. Check the motor carefully for vibration, noise and abnormal odor. Busbar processing machine motor in operation, especially high-power motors often check whether the anchor screw, motor end cover, bearing cover, etc., is loose, grounding device is reliable, etc. If it is found that the motor oscillation intensifies, the noise increases and the peculiar smell is revealed, it is necessary to speed up the shutdown as soon as possible, and check the clear end to eliminate the fault.

The third trick: to maintain the office current of the motor of the bus processing machine is large. Motor because the load is too large, the voltage is too low or the mechanical lag by the band will lead to motor transfer operation. Because of this, in the operation of the motor, we should pay attention to check whether the transmission device is flexible and reliable; Whether the cogency of the coupling is standard; The flexibility of gear transmission, if found stuck phenomenon, should be immediately shut down to remove the fault and then run.

The fourth recruit: to regularly check and maintain the bus processing machine motor choke facilities, to ensure its normal office. The technical state of the motor choke device has a voting effect on the normal operation of the motor. Therefore, the motor's choking facilities should be located in a dry, ventilated and easy to operate position, and regularly remove dust. Often check the contactor contact, coil iron core, the wiring screw is reliable, mechanical parts of the action is flexible, so that it maintains a satisfactory technical condition, so as to ensure that the motor is not burned and destroyed without difficulties.

Fifth trick: often check the temperature and temperature rise of the motor of the bus processing machine in operation is too high. To often check whether the motor bearing is overheating, lack of oil, if it is found that the temperature near the bearing is too high, it should immediately stop the inspection. There are no cracks, scratches or losses on the surface of the rolling body and raceway of bearings, whether the bearing gap is too large and flickering, whether the inner ring rotates on the shaft, etc. To show the above phenomenon, be sure to update the bearing.

The sixth trick: to check the bus processing machine motor three phase current is balanced. Three phase induction motor, its three phase current no matter what the difference between one phase current and the other two phase current uniform value is not allowed to exceed 10 hundred percent, so that the motor safe operation. If it exceeds, it indicates that the motor is faulty. It should be checked and removed before running.




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