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Busbar processing machine cleaning small method

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  • Time of issue:2012-08-22 00:00

Busbar processing machine cleaning small method

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  • Time of issue:2012-08-22 00:00

Our company is a comprehensive busbar manufacturing enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales. Our products mainly include: busbar processing machine, busbar bending machine, copper bar processing machine, CNC copper bar processing machine and other products. The following professionals from our company to share with you the cleaning tips of the bus processing machine:

1 THE use of CNC equipment environment in order to improve the service life of CNC equipment, the general requirements to avoid direct sunlight and other thermal radiation, to avoid too wet, too much dust or corrosive gas places. Corrosive gas is easy to cause corrosion and deterioration of electronic components, resulting in poor contact or short circuit between components, affecting the normal operation of equipment. Precision CNC equipment should be far away from large vibration equipment, such as punch, forging equipment, etc.

2 Power supply Requirements In order to avoid large power fluctuation range (more than ±10%) and possible instantaneous interference signal, CNC equipment generally adopts special line power supply (such as from the low-voltage distribution room for a separate CNC machine tool) or additional voltage regulator, etc., can reduce the impact of power supply quality and electrical interference.

3 operation rules the operation rules of bus processing machine is one of the important measures to ensure the safe operation of CNC machine tools. The operator must operate according to the operation rules. When the machine fails, the operator should pay attention to the retention of the site, and truthfully explain the situation before and after the failure to the maintenance personnel, so as to facilitate the analysis and diagnosis of the cause of the failure and timely elimination. In addition, CNC machine tools should not be sealed for a long time. After buying CNC machine tools, we should make full use of them, especially in the first year of use, so that the weak links prone to failure are exposed as soon as possible, and can be eliminated during the warranty period. Without processing task, nc machine tools are regularly electricity, it is best to electrify 1-2 times a week, every time an empty running 1 hour or so, to take advantage of the machine tool itself calorific value to reduce the humidity inside the machine, make the electronic components shall not be affected with damp be affected with damp, at the same time can also be found in a timely manner without battery alarm occurs, in order to prevent the loss of the system software, parameter.

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