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Fault analysis of bus processing machine

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Fault analysis of bus processing machine

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  • Time of issue:2012-08-22 00:00

①Inquiry investigation in receiving the machine tool site fault troubleshooting information, the operator should first try to maintain the site fault state, do not do any processing, which is conducive to rapid and accurate analysis of the cause of the fault. At the same time, carefully ask the bus processing machine fault indication, fault appearance and the background of the fault, according to this to make a preliminary judgment, in order to determine the on-site troubleshooting should carry tools, meters, drawings, spare parts, etc., reduce the round trip time.

② After the on-site inspection arrives at the scene, the accuracy and completeness of various situations provided by the operator should be verified first, so as to verify the accuracy of the preliminary judgment. Due to the level of the operator, the failure of the description of the situation is not clear or even completely inaccurate case, so to the scene still do not rush to start processing, carefully investigate the situation again, so as not to destroy the scene, so that the difficulty of troubleshooting increased.

③ Fault analysis According to the known fault conditions according to the fault classification method described in the previous section to analyze the fault type, so as to determine the troubleshooting principle. Since most faults are indicated, in general, a variety of possible causes of the fault can be listed in the diagnostic manual and operation manual of the CNC system supporting the machine tool.

④Determine the cause of a variety of possible causes to find out the true cause of the fault, then the maintenance personnel is a comprehensive test of the machine tool familiarity, knowledge level, practical experience and analysis and judgment ability.

⑤Troubleshooting preparation Some bus processing machine troubleshooting method may be very simple, some faults are often more complex, need to do a series of preparatory work, such as tools and meters preparation, partial disassembly, parts and components repair, procurement of components and even troubleshooting planning steps and so on.

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